Sunday, March 08, 2015


I spent my birthday under the influence of cardizem. Trying to get my heart rhythm in one that doesn't 1)worry me senseless, 2)cause me anxiety, 3)make me so weak I can't do anything, 4)doesn't cause lightheaded ness and faint feeling ( near miss yesterday), is not easy. I have so many notes for cardio doctor I've got to organize. My pulse was as low as 35, and bp in double digit numbers top & bottom, all day Friday, with absolutely no strength, heavy arms, and a heart rhythm that was like a slow drum. But I had a birthday and I'm very grateful for that. Saturday & Sunday I went back to a lower dose of same med (which I didn't realize was the same thing until after I got it- cardio dr had given me the 120, local PCP  had rxd the 240.

Aunt Ginny had a trip to the ER yesterday. She was dehydrated. They gave her IV drip, did some tests, let her go home. She had not had a stroke.  Paul & Glenda took her. David & Sandra met them at the ER.

I have a roast in the crock pot, Lima beans cooked, potatoes to mash. Paul will be home from church in a bit. In fact, he's about 30 minutes late. Ordinarily we're out about 11:10.

Talked to and texted Sher this a m. Sun in her windows. Sun in here in the den. Is room is great in the day-like a sunroom.

Thursday, March 05, 2015


The ice storm of a couple weeks ago... We only lost power about 4 hours that night. Trees were crystalized in ice for a few days, but the roads were pretty clear from day one.

  Old Highway 25 traveling south.

The "Yellow Creek" RR near our house. It's used so little that I'd say never used. Sometimes a rail car will be sitting on the side rail.

Aunt Ginny's circle drive, and driveway, next picture.

Sweet gum balls everywhere. Have to watch where we step if we go down there or can easily roll and fall down. Watch every step.
Our spirea, from the front porch. Our road beyond the trees.

Then we had a visitor - "it" finished up the cats' food that was left. Paul said it wouldn't scare off, but the second time he showed up, I shooed him off with the big Ford umbrella.

I think he was waiting for an invitation. Was not shy.

And Thelma paid us a visit as she does occasionally. And she's a super watch-cat. She just sat on the chair cushion on the carport and watched the possum eat the leftovers. Lucy will come just inside the back door but Oscar has always been her nemesis and she goes right out. If Barney is hanging around the carport, she isn't quite "at home." He kind of rules the roost as far as the "girls" go and those two have never gee-hawed.

I haven't done anything to these pictures - SOOC - straight out of camera. There is a bird on the end of one of the branches below. (I'm doing all this on the laptop in the den.)

 I threw out some bird feed for them. Several came for dinner.

Lucy's spot under my truck

  Jonquils' brave little shoots.

Tiger in Winter... Barney

The "creek" behind the house.

So sorry for all the people stranded on interstate in Kentucky and other places, for hours. So much bad winter weather, ice, snow... 

I'm trying a different heart med - Cardizem, which I realized after I got to the pharmacy, I had tried before, but in a lower dosage, per Dr. Johnson. 120 mg first time, 240 this time. Time release... Saw Dr. Robertson yesterday; he took a lot of time and we talked a good bit. I had had a come-apart with the nurse, then with him. The PVCs and recurring although not-as-bad Afib keeps me anxious all the time. Hoping this will work. I had adjusted the Rythmol a time or two and it "worked," but the side effects were keeping me "all tore up." Schedule every 8 hours and I had a clock set in bedroom for 5 a.m. when I took first dose (got up to the 225 mg 3x a day), went back to bed, so could sleep off some of that side effect. But during the day, and even after the early a.m. dose, was so hyper and anxious... I told the nurse yesterday it was hard acting normal all the time, when everything was off kilter. So this is once a day. Hoping it works with few side effects.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


After many adjustments, some playing with stitch designs and a smattering of frustration, I finished the sewing machine cover!  It got a few giggles on Quiltville's Open Studio where I posted pictures. Someone wanted to know what I was hiding under there! (I posted a picture of Jewel, what I've decided to "name" my machine, as it seems many sewists do this. Cars... Why not a sewing machine. She is a jewel - I've really enjoyed using her.

I'm taking a break from sewing - I need to get a program together about American Cancer Society for 20th Century Club next month. I need to type the minutes of WMU meeting in February. I need to finish All the Things We Cannot See, which is a wonderful book. And our March book club book is Book Thief, which I've read. I ordered the movie to watch; I'll skim back through the book. It seems lately the books I've chosen to read have to do with WWII, France and the women's resistance there. I started A Train in Winter and intend to finish it. It's about women's resistance during the occupation of France in WWII. 

I think I will research the ACS and give a history and try to find out some things that are not well known to a lot of people, including me. Just as others have given programs on institutions and organizations we hear about but it's surprising to hear detail, the "who, what, when, where, why and how."

Yesterday I felt lousy and hurt all over. Today I've felt much better. I've taken Aleve for three days now and it's helped. I don't like to take a lot, although Dr. Johnson said he thought I'd be okay with it. It works, and I don't have to take it but at most once a day, sometimes at bedtime. I know there's an Aleve PM now, but probably has stuff in it I can't handle. And I've started taking liquid magnesium. I've had some "break through" PVCs, but not major. Last night I dreamed about someone having a baby, and getting lost in hospital rooms, every one I tried was the wrong one, although all I did was walk outside the room... Strange being lost in a dream. Also dreamed about a library/books. Had forgotten that till just now. This morning my heart rate was up, but I think my nose was stopped up and with that CPAP, it just makes it more stuffy at times. So which is better - sleep with it and can't breathe right, or sleep without it and can't breathe right? I haven't had the horrible racing, shaking, rigors, blood pressure spike since maybe I don't know just after Christmas... I have felt more "normal" since this propafenone has settled in my system. I set the alarm for 5 a.m., take that dose and go back to sleep. Then one at 1 p.m. and one at 9 p.m.  I don't feel as tired... But then I haven't been anywhere this week, except car club meeting, where I got chilled. Lot to be said for "pacing yourself." 

One of our friends from church passed away today - he'd been battling cancer ever since we had known him, have lived here. His wife Becky is in same SS class I am. Frankie was often at Jack's with the coffee drinking guys. Paul told Sherrill at car club that last time he'd seen Frankie he was his old joking self and I'm glad he remembers him that way. Paul said he and Frankie had talked and Frankie told him he was ready/prepared to go. 

Another of our friends, also at car club supper the other night, was injured seriously in a car accident yesterday evening. TJ Stricklen; she's a nurse practitioner in Corinth and was driving home when another vehicle lost control, flipped over and hit TJ's car. She was taken to the Med with a broken leg, back and punctured lung. I think she's already had two surgeries on her leg. Lost a lot of blood. The weather was so bed the medical helicopter couldn't fly, so she was taken by ambulance. She is my classmate Linda Biggs Stricklen's sister-in-law. They married brothers. (TJ/Ronnie; Linda/Tommy)

So much going on in the world. Can hardly stand to watch the news. So I won't even go into all the horrid scenarios here - if anyone watches the news, they know. If they don't, they probably should, enough to know what's going on, but don't let it absorb you. I've read the end of the Book and God wins!

I know I get easily distracted by inconsequential things, busy "work," hobbies. I need to discipline myself to spend more time in prayer and alone with God. I believe Jesus will be here before too much longer. I love my family. I can only pray for some, believe some, doubt myself some, ask God to help me trust more. It's a funny life, here on this earth. The older I get the more I don't know. Maybe that's part of trusting more. I can't figure it out; God already has.