Thursday, October 22, 2015


Our WMU project is pillow case dresses for some little girls in other countries, another country to be specific. I hesitate to say a country in view of recent security issues of missionaries. Here's a rack of them. We hope for 100 by March of next year.


Today is Paul's birthday! One of his FB friends calls him Pink Paul because he wore this costume in a promotion for insulation - Pink Panther. I put it on FB for her to see. I can't believe he's 69. I have known him 50 years. We started dating when he was 19, I was 17. How did it go so fast?

Cardio Dr. Johnson reduced my Amiodarone Tuesday - to 100 mg. He suggested I could stop it altogether and see how I do. My "comfort level" is not quite there yet, though hopefully at some point I will be able to stop it. I have to have my thyroid rechecked in a couple of weeks. The amiodarone is causing it to malfunction. (Hypothyroid)

Donna came to clean today - I always prep for that - sheets washed, bathroom rugs washed, things picked up somewhat. We don't make big messes, unless it's just dishes in the sink, which I hate doing, but sometimes I just don't want to empty the dishwasher. Pitiful.

Tomorrow I'll check with Walmart to see how much my Eliquis would be there. Also need to get a book for Baby Woodruff - shower Saturday evening. A few groceries. Treasure Chest is having a nice sale through Saturday - $5/yd fabric, end of bolt stuff. Maybe see how the day goes and check it out. Monday is dentist appointment in Muscle Shoals, 10 A.M. Finished Sher's Christmas gift; need to start Amy's (2 pairs of flannel pj bottoms, she'll be surprised at the prints.) I may wait and see how long to make them, also waist size. I'd like to prewash, may do that, but it feels so good now. Likely will have shrinkage, though. Then it's on to Tyler's panel quilt (Spiderman). Chicken pincushions for girls in 20C. Quilting class 10/31. Have already bought fabric. May cancel and go on car cruise with Paul if he decides to go. Then 11/7 Mike and I pick Sher up at Memphis Airport. Paul will just be getting back from LV SEMA Show. 

Benghazi hearing still going on. I don't particularly care for Hilary, but have to say she has handled herself well, and has some stamina. I couldn't have done it - it's been all day long and now into the night. It's after 9 in DC.

Shower and bed. I smell like dust - I walked around in the yard this evening taking pictures of the light through the fall leaves - beautiful colors. We need a rain and then the colors would really pop!

Saturday, October 10, 2015


I worked on a project most of the day and had made such good progress - I thought - until the "cathedral windows" didn't arch like they were supposed to. (Dresden Plate) So I took every bit of it out - out, I say! That was a chore, my cheeks got red, I got hot, my thumb is sore from pulling threads. I would post a picture, but as soon as I did, my sister would read this very one and see what a mess it looks like basted with red thread. I hope the basting keeps me straight on the next try. I made two other ones and didn't have a bit of trouble. I became dyslexic on this one. I couldn't for the life of me keep the petals counted right. So I'll try again. (She knows what it is, just not what it looks like. It's a Christmas gift for when she'll be here in November. I really thought I'd have it finished today.) 

But I don't sew in heels...

Friday, October 09, 2015


My father died. On October 2, my father died. I didn't have a relationship with him because he and Mama divorced when I was two. He moved north, we stayed south. I went to high school with cousins I'd never known. When we moved back home after retiring, I learned I had so many cousins, and they all loved me. And I love them. I've said and thought so many times, His loss. Nevertheless, it is sad. I grieved all that never was and could have been and never will be. I have three brothers (half) that I've never known. Many nephews and nieces. Another whole way of life from "up north." But as it turned out in the end, all I wanted was for him to be at peace, and I'm thankful for my life in the south, with southern roots, Mama, Goobie, Papa, Oldham, Iuka, my real sister and brothers, Paul, Amy. Of course I wouldn't have known any different had it been another path, but I'm thankful for this one, even though at times it was so very heard.

The only picture I have of him and Mama together.

Luther Howard Thorne - August 4, 1926 - October 2, 2015
Buried at National Cemetery in Holly, Michigan
Everyone called him "Coot." I never could because he just wasn't to me -
 just Luther because I never knew him.


The day after I learned he died (cousin Patsy texted me), I went on to my Five and Dime Quilt Class at Treasure Chest. It was a good thing, and good for me that I went. What else could I have done? Love going to classes there. Fun, learn, people!

Tara working on placement of blocks. Here is a link to YouTube video of how it's done. Easy peasy.

Teresa, Treasure Chest owner, teacher, sweet friend. Judy to her right is from near Tupelo, over an hour away. Teresa's son Preston built these design walls, nearly the whole length of the classroom. 

Deb (she had to leave early) looking at quilts, I think she's looking at the finished Five and Dime. Mine will look a lot like this big one, many of the same colors - red, teal, orange, green. My fabric design is Hello, Darling.

My blocks all sewn and quartered. Teresa helped me choose the borders. I knew which backing and binding I wanted.  Teresa's ordering me a "moveable" design wall that just hangs by grommets. I think I know an empty space or two to put it. Over closet doors... They're really great and helpful to have.

Lynn getting her Bandana squares lined up.

Judy is a retired teacher. Someone guessed that, after Judy told me, she's just so organized and neat. Very sweet lady.

Tara making progress. 

The two Nancys. Jonesy on the left, Nancy on the right. 


Some of my blocks laid out.

At right, the bottom bolt will be the backing. The top, the binding. I think I decided on the 2nd from top for second border. But the teal is out. Teresa helped me choose a grass green (as in the blocks) for a first, narrower border to "frame" the blocks. I like her red, and may use red instead when I get to that point.

It isn't so much about the quilts - they are beautiful and represent hours of patience and work. Part of the process is this - the deciding, playing, cutting, placing. Like coloring or painting with fabric. As enjoyable as cross-stitching used to be to me when I could see well enough to do it!

I have a long list of things to do. Writing and seeing progress helps me stay organized.

Oh! When I went to see my cousin Edwina in the hospital Monday afternoon - remind me about Monday morning - I stopped on my way home at Goodwill. Found a Singer 150th Anniversary sewing machine - $25. Everything worked - no feet - but interchangeable with another of my machines. Cleaned out the bobbin case and all that underneath. Sews like a charm. Manual - has knobs for adjusting everything and for different stitches. Model 3820.

Edwina had a light stroke and was going home that afternoon I went to see her. Her sister Anita was there with her, also her beautician Juanita, whom I'd met about 5 years ago. Ed was very fortunate - she is able to walk, and only had a little trouble with words. Later I learned from Harold, her son-in-law she refused PT. Sounds like her... Hope she doesn't regret that!

Yesterday we had a good and short meeting of 20th Century Club. New member Mayecille Hart who is also in my Sunday School class, along with Joy. I was hostess and made Slice of Heaven cake, which Sue had seen on FB and said she'd like to have. So I did. 

My Slice of Heaven cake.

Sue and Macey.

Jo, our President.

Joy had the program.

I served refreshments.

Joy has the sweetest smile and always looks like her name - Joy!

Candy we brought for Trunk or Treat.

Some of the toys, clothes we brought for Operation Christmas Child - Shoe Box ministry through Samaritan's Purse.

Maxine, Fredda and Zenobia. Z will soon be 96!

Brenda, Sue and Macey.

Now, on to other projects - many to finish and some new ones. Melanie and Nate may come while Sher is here just under a month from now. I need to finish Sher's centerpiece; I ordered two pieces of flannel today for Amy some PJs. That's all till first week of November. Then it's Christmas things - whether to do some little thing for the Club members; make Tyler's quilt. Morgan's baby girl due in January. Whitney's baby due just before Christmas. New medicine to get used to. Laundry to do (constantly). Meals, showers, haircuts, Oscar groomed first of December... I know - looking too far ahead. One day at a time. Or as my devotional said yesterday - God may have a Plan B that is better. I'm thankful for the days I can sew and play and create. Oh, and there's the pillow case dresses to finish and the red checked bias binding to make...

Monday morning - I went to Nelda Jones's home and met Emily Green and Jean Crain there for a sewing morning. We sorted ribbons and trim, decided on which goes on what pillow case and sewed some. I finished one, brought 2 home. I have pockets to put on one, another one I'd gotten from Emily a week or so ago, still just a pillow case. Jean had brought fresh tomatoes she'd grown and a loaf of bread and that's what we had for lunch when we finished up around noon. Jean went on to Needlechasers but I didn't go this month. I just couldn't do it all. But I had a good day.

Well, then there was Wednesday - 6 month Medicare check-up at Dr. Robertson's. Labs showed high TSH - which means - low functioning thyroid - which means a new medicine - levothyroxine. I've felt so tired, and that's "adjustment" as Laura Haynes, Dr. Johnson's nurse told me. At the meeting yesterday I wondered if I'd get through, but I did. Today hasn't been as tiring. I did get Club minutes finished, pictures ordered, this brought to date. Three loads of laundry. A shower. Think what I could do if I had energy! Dr. R said likely the amiodarone is causing the thyroid not to function property. All these hormones and glands are so inter-related and complicated. I knew the amiodarone would/could cause some problems, and sure enough. There's the thyroid. Thank goodness for medicine. I think. JoAnn Grishmam Bolton's (classmate's) problem with the amiodarone was her vision and she finally had to have an ablation, too. My ablation came first, then the amio.So, yes, I'm thankful for every day and like one of my favorite quotes, "never, never, never give up."

Monday, September 21, 2015


Yesterday Paul and I met Amy and Matt at Memphis International Raceway in Memphis, for Paul to redeem his gift certificate from them last Christmas - a Rusty Wallace Driving Adventure! He did 12 laps and had a ball! The weather was so nice, not too hot, slightly cloudy, a breeze. Afterward we ate at Cheddar's. The waitress asked us what was wrong we looked so tired! A day in the sun and wind plus an adrenaline boost...

Amy and Matt arriving. Paul and I were on the crosswalk.

Paul went on ahead to begin registration.

This lady's name is Janet and she goes to Central Baptist in Jonesboro, where our former pastor Archine Mason is now.

Drivers' meeting lasted about an hour. This isn't it - it was inside an adjacent building.

Almost time. Getting geared up.

This little guy - a future driver?

First he rode with an instructor/driver.

Getting out not so easy! His billfold got hung on the car window! Amy kept it in her purse after that.

Janet and her "boyfriend" maybe.

Inside one of the cars. Once strapped in, just hardly any room and next to no movement! Claustrophobic!
The steering wheel gets attached once the driver is settled in.

 The head gear, everything strapped in.

Getting in once again, this time on the driver's side.

The young worker had to boost Paul's left leg over into the car!


Strapping in.

Taking off!

This is one of the first of 12 laps. He got faster each time. They drive from 70-110 mph.

Instructors sit in the bleachers directing drivers on turns, acceleration...

Paul was the last driver, so the track was clear and he didn't have to avoid any other cars.

All the crew and workers were great - very professional!

Last lap - coming into "pit row."

Getting out.

I could breathe again! He had a wonderful time and I'm so glad!

Got a nice video split screen of him in the car, and view of the track from inside the car. Indicator showed he did get faster each time. He really enjoyed it.