Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I bought this at Goodwill Monday when I went to the ENT doctor follow-up from spring's allergies. After eating at Taco Bell and visiting with Marie and William Floyd, I stopped at Goodwill. Voila! As Amy would say, there was a beam of light on this little beauty! I'd checked there before but this time there "she" was! $50, had been $100. At week's end it was going to Goodwill's last stopping place - a sale barn. It had been there 2 weeks.  Now to name her, as that seems to be what people do with Vintage Sewing Machines. How about Marie, since that is who I had lunch with that day. The other Singer I have is a Merritt, and I like that name, too. So Merritt and Marie. I've never named my Singer Ingenuity, nor my Viking. Well, Viking is a Topaz, so I suppose that's her name. The Singer digital can be......... Annie - for my middle name.  Anyway, that's what I like for now... Probably forget by tomorrow! ha

I've watched several videos on YouTube that have helped, and the manual covers several different styles including this one. Have learned the names of many parts. Will learn more about how to take apart (verrry carefully), and clean thoroughly. I'd be surprised if it ever has, though it sounds good, and isn't terribly dirty, Needs good inside cleaning and polishing.

The old sock is dirt mostly from the cabinet.

As I played with it, I discovered the belt is way loose; it only worked the one time in Goodwill (motor runs, needle bar went up/down), but it was in the wrong place. Ordered a belt, a bobbin tire, a sliding plate (bobbin cover) and extra light bulb.

From the serial number I learned on Singer website that the 99K with this series of numbers included in the range was made in 1956.

Belt and wheel the silvery post on the left is the bobbin winder.

Drop in bobbin (class 66); this half of the plate is missing and what I ordered.

Tension knob.

Stitch width. All the way up is reverse.

Not her permanent home. Wasn't sure about the cabinet, but it's either original, though not solid wood, or it was bought for this particular series. The 99K is a 3/4 size machine. Printed manual from Singer website (free). Blue tape holds the side on; it fell off when Paul got it out of my truck. White on front is paint. No idea how to get that off without refinishing the front or all of it. No biggee right now. I think the old round plug needs a cover on it - around the prongs. You can see the screws and copper wire. I don't think it should be like that. Maybe I can make one or at least cover with electrical tape.

Friday, June 12, 2015


I was in Walmart Monday and looked at the Simplicity pattern book. I had no idea there were vintage patterns! It's been a long time since I've looked at garment patterns. Oh, they're so pretty and elegant and feminine! Almost makes me want to make something vintage.

But I have too much fun "play" with my assortment of fabrics and rearranging my "artistic corners."

Sewing corner.

My first room I claimed. Rearranged the posters. Sher has given me all but the brown one of Library of Congress. I have had them all laminated; only the Children's Museum framed.

Our mule neighbors. I suppose they're born flicking their tales at flies and other bothersome flying things, but I felt so sorry for them, stamping, swishing their tales and flinging their heads constantly to be rid of them - and it only lasted a nanosecond.  The even kick at each other, maybe that's mule play...

Remembrance of flowers gone by. I think Paul is or has taken off the thin black ones.

Daddy Nick's old plow, held together with baling wire.

See, they're constantly in motion, and always eating. They have the west view from the house pretty clean, though there's a pile of roots and limbs I'm not sure what the Crowell's will do with.

Uhhhh, Triple Crown.

Barney gets curious about them. After the mules had gone to their barn, I saw him over on the other side of the fence checking out their absence.

Thelma - these two follow me around like puppies. Lucy is not as standoffish as she was. In fact, I've seen her and Barney actually greeting each other. Just yesterday I saw him nudge her under her chin. She looked taken aback or not happy about it, but they didn't fight.

Stirring up dust.

And the holes where the 13-year cicadas have laid their eggs for crawled out or whatever these holes are for. They're all over the yard.

Carcases/shells. They are just beginning to tone down their deafning singing, after about 4-5 weeks.

Roof leak. Now I forget what it's real name is. It'll be pink later.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I love the rainy days, though not the misfortune people in Texas and elsewhere have had. Our own Mineral Springs Park flooded Indian Creek banks up the slope into peoples' yards, but nothing like 1991.

So I decided to do some "studio" cleaning.

I wrote Bren today as I was sitting down to go through more "Stampington" books for Amy. You can look at my bookshelves and see a journal/scrapbook of my life.

I had to have a place for Merritt.  And UggLee quilt baby just fits there. She's so happy.

The sun was just right on "that girl's" face this evening.

Old sewing machine drawers from Paul's grandmother's machine. All I have left of it. Plus a few old attachments inside a wooden fold-out box.

At least all the books are up off the floor. I discovered that Dexter (most likely) peed on the corner of some of them, not badly damaged but sticky and I had to wash off the covers. He's been here and likes to "mark" spots in the house. Amy has him trained better now.

A "before" picture of the third shelf up behind the chair - all those Stamper's Samplers, Studios, etc., books 3/4 of them cleaned out and will go to Amy. No wait - this is after! She still gets two crates of books. I should have fixed these pictures in Picasa but just not the energy for it tonight.

Had this poster laminated in town $2.67. Sher sent it to me a couple of weeks ago. She also gave me the old clipboard and Christmas ornament for Christmases.

Merritt - I hope to get the bobbin spool I broke up while turning her over to get the bottom plate off. I was careful with the cam door (no cams), and POP went the spool pin!

This Quilt Lover pin was either Mama's or Sher gave it to me.

That Girl.

Since Mother's Day Bren, Charlotte and I have been to a fabulous moving/selling all my fabric and sewing things sale; I got Amy's quilt top to Teresa (having pieced the batting from several big pieces I got at that sale - but never again); we have been invaded by millions of cicadas - the 13 year cycle I think; and I made a label for Amy's quilt, once finished.  

Oh, and had two root canals last Monday. I still can't bite on #9 very well, but it isn't as sore as it was. It's the front left tooth, then skip one and the next one #11 was beginning to abcess. So I have to go back to the dentist 6/1 for finishing up. Crowns I imagine. Don't know how much is left of #9 as it was dying from inside anyway. The endodontist was so nice, personable and funny - and I had valium. I will have it again when I got next Monday.

Tomorrow is "sleep doctor." I imagine all I'll do is just "visit" and get RX for mask replacement, which is probably overdue.

Thursday is 20th Century Club Spring Social at Lil Smokies at noon. Then in the evening at 5:30 is our Sunday School Social. No cooking that day. Then Friday and we usually go out somewhere. Yesterday I did cook - white beans with carrots and cornbread. Good and plain and hot for a rainy day. One day last week it was 48 degres! My roses look awful. I asked Bren what's wrong with them (she has some just like) but don't know yet.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


I don't know how I missed posting Mother's Day pictures. Maybe just so many at once on the phone. These are from the "big" camera. 

Roses from the front of the house. They're looking "poorly" this week - we needed and got, today, a rain. But need some more. 

Our beautiful Amy was home for Mother's Day with her sweet Dexter. Oscar wasn't real happy about him this time, more so than usual. I had to give Oscar a stress-away bit (not a whole one) and leash him - time out. He did settle down.