Saturday, January 24, 2015


Missed these New Year's Eve pictures of me and Sher. Played Scrabble the night before she left.

The day we went to Tupelo (last week, 1/22) we crossed the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway near Tishomingo and these barges were being pushed. No traffic, so we stopped, I got out and made these pictures from the side of the bridge. Those barges are huge - and DEEP!  If loaded they would be sitting way down in the water. 

I think the left barge (gray) had a load. It's lower than the others. Powerful little tugboat. Its name was Honest Bob or Honest Ed, Honest, something.

This morning was misty....

Love Maggie Smith on Downton Abbey. Read on FB today that next year will be the last season. And this year's is almost over, already. 

Been folding fabric to see what I have and can use and coordinate! Some I'd forgotten about. This I bought last week at Treasure Chest in Corinth, though. Teresa had a lot of pretty things half price. I usually get a yard of whatever it is I'm buying.

Normally drawn to red, but these Christmas blues were so pretty...  Did get reds as you can see. All was half price. Teresa has really nice quilting fabrics.

Borrowed from April Huling's FB page. I think Ruby (her mother) pastor's wife made this for someone from shirts of the person's deceased dad. I have some shirts of Mama's and a pair of PJs I need to make into a memory bear. Or two.

The day we went to get Paul's truck. We had stopped at a quick stop for coffee. It was rainy that day.

I think I've shown this recently. I didn't look back to see. Mama's Log Cabin block.

The sun was so pretty coming in on the Girl. Of course, I can't capture it - it was an "aura."

More of those blues.

And this.

I'm so glad I folded all this - it's on comic book boards.

Love fabric with printed words. Also Birds, Jean!

This morning's little snow. It was gone very soon. Aren't nature colors just beautiful?

The front door still has the old screen on it; this is the top part. (The bottom is like shutters, I forget the name for it.)

Thelma's cozy visit.

What do you mean, I can't stay here all day! Well, she didn't. But she's on the quilt on the living room sofa now. A treat for her. I believe she would melt and ooze if you petted her long enough. She is the most loving cat!

Finally, the Braverman Family. I don't think I've missed any episode. This is the final season, next week-the final episode.  I care about all of them. Pretty evident from Thursday's episode (which Sher and I watched last night on DVR) that the emotional scenes were really emotional for them. And Aaron Neville's "Ave Maria!!" In the link given here, I actually got to see Max out of character. He's such a neat young man. They all are great actors. Link also shows "Opie."  Now. Grown. The question mark under Amber - little Zeek. Zeek and Camille's great grandson... But Hank (Ray Romano) Sarah's soon-to-be husband isn't on here... Maybe they'll update this! I hope Crosby will be okay. He loved the Luncheonette. I suppose we fans will always wonder and make up their after-stories! Thanks, Opie.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Monday I went to WMU. Tuesday I went with Paul to see his cardiologist. (He got a good check up and thumbs up from Dr. Gupta for quitting smoking!) Wednesday Paul went truck shopping - first to Decatur, then to Muscle Shoals (Long-Lewis). Thursday we went for me to sign the papers on the Ford FX2 Sport he traded for (with heated/cooled seats and remote entry to warm up for cold old bones). Friday we went to Tupelo again for Paul's stress test and calcium CT scan. Yes, some calcification. Did good on treadmill (I wasn't in there with him but in the waiting room freezing.) He doesn't have to go back to the doctor until July. The tech did call about his stress test and CT scan, but didn't have information on the CT of his legs. Where the whole problem began. But they'll call him next week...

I've lost a space heater. I ordered it and Amazon FedEx tracking says it was delivered Tuesday. They either delivered to wrong place or someone got it off the porch. Tracking said front porch. They never leave anything on the front porch - always at the back/carport. I notified Amazon.

This morning I cleaned out the freezer section of the old fridge on the carport. Ice cream had melted and puddled. Everything else was frozen. Except last week, the back I'd frozen in strips was limp. I threw that away. I don't know what happened. Meats I didn't keep. Veggies seemed okay. Ice cream goolash went in the trash. I pattied out the last package of bacon and it seems to have frozen today. 

I folded more fabric. I can only stand up so long before my foot and leg start burning and hurting. But I got a lot done. Seems I have to have things in order before I can "play," which includes sewing. My problem is that I want to have big blocks of time to finish things, but that isn't possible any more, especially with a quilt. 

Sher sent me the prints of Mon St. Michel (near Normandy, NW France) when she was there last fall. I had them framed. She also sent the conch shell (carved and I guess dyed as I've never seen one that color) from Key West. I never go that far away, but I always get neat things from her! Naturally I had to create a vignette.

Only thing green around here is moss and a few peeping up iris tips.

Paul's new truck. And! And! It has a moon roof! "Oh, you don't need a moon roof," he told me when I specced out mine. And I believed him! Just kidding. It just happened to be on this truck.

From this...

To this...

Probably make a cushion cover from this one Log Cabin square. I've attributed it to Mama, but I never saw any other fabric she had in these colors/patterns. Maybe someone gave it to her for a pattern. I like to think it's of her making, though. And, yes, the center should be red.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


January is so definitely stay indoors weather. It hurst to go outside if the temp is below 32. Therefore Paul has gone to trade his truck for one with heated and cooled seats and remote start. I'm anxious to see what he drives home - he spotted a black Ford (2014) in Decatur, so that's wehre he started, but he may come home in a Chevy. Good for him! I've really enjoyed all my wonderful spoil-me amenities on my Explorer - nice for this aching fibro body to get in a warm truck on warm seats on a cold shivery day. He deserves no less.  We can't take it with us and I think we need some TLC in our old age...

The Club met at my house last Thursday - one of the coldest days of the week. There were six of us who met at 2:00 in the afternoon and I made the Vince Gill white chocolate pound cake (recipe from Diane Paulk), and fresh fruits, mostly fresh - canned mandarin oranges.  Bren wasn't here so I sent the sugar free ice cream pie home with Cindy. Joy won the door prize, which was the other loaf of cake (it makes two loaves).

Yesterday Paul and I went to Tupelo for his cardio appointment and he's doing great! One test he had done there showed good blood flow in his extremities, and was good to know his left leg was doing great! Friday we have to be there at 7:30 so he can have a stress test (he's not really looking forward to it; nor would I be - I have to have the chemical ones); and the calcium CT scan - and I'm not sure what they're scanning - his aneurysm (first time we'd heard he had one and that's where the blood clot formed!), or his heart or his leg... Otherwise, doing great. I did tell the doctor - reminded Paul - that P does have a cough he had not had before he quit smoking. Don't know if that's coincidental of all this that was going on, the coumadin, or the non-smoking. But it isn't bad...It's just there and I notice it.

So... his appointment was with Dr. Gupta! I was so glad to meet him - he's everything I've heard about him - kind, caring, information (told P about the aneurysm...) It is 3.5 and we should not have to worry about it until it is 4.6 or something... Just has to be watched. I asked him if he treats afib, but he is the "plumber," not the "electrician." So if I couldn't see him (instead of driving another hour to Memphis) then I'll stay with Dr. Johnson in Memphis

We ate at IHOP - surprised me - thought P would want to eat his chicken alfredo... But we had "breakfast," I had waffle and eggs, bacon; he had pancakes, eggs, bacon.

Then... Then I got to shop - and was actually able to hold up on this wretched left foot - though I did take off my left sock because it made my shoe too tight. I went to Joann's and bought several pieces of fabric all on sale, some half price fat quarters, a few gadgets - needle threader, a pattern, some pretty embellishing threads. Two hours I shopped! Unheard of. But I enjoyed it and P didn't hurry me - just said call him when I got through. He'd gone to Walmart and made a loop around the store and was sitting in the truck. He said two ladies were looking at the truck and unbeknownst to them, he was inside the truck and he rolled down the driver window and scared the one half to death - she'd been looking through the dark windows. You really can't see inside well through the tinted windows, but he could see her.

So home, light supper. Seems like Oscar needed to pee more, maybe because we were gone about 8 hours. I hope that doesn't affect his kidneys. He's fine today. I can tell he's getting a little aged, like us... He slept with me night before last all night and came to my bed about 3 this morning. He doesn't like for me and P to be in the same room for some reason. He's calm when I'm back here doing my thing, and if P is gone, he's calm. But if we're in the same room, he vies for attention, is restless and gets excited at Paul's least movement.  My sweet little old dog.

Well, he's barking. It's almost 2:00... I don't know if it's UPS or Paul driving up in a new vehicle. Ordinarily Oscar wouldn't bark at either one of our vehicles since he knows them.

Desserts. I used Mama Nick's china saucer/bowls. 

Maxine and Jo.

Maxine gave the program on Mississippi Educational TV.

Joy and Fredda. Fredda is so expressive! I love getting pictures of her!

Cindy and Maxine.

Program leader (Maxine) and hostess (moi).

Then the weekend rains...

Lucy taking a minute to wash her paws. Her sore tail is about well, but there's a ring of fur gone, mostly covered by the fur above the sore. I think she got bitten really bad, or got a door slammed on it, but it wasn't bent, just badly sore and bruised. Jenni said there is a gland about where I described the sore at - probably mashed the good gracious out of it, too.

Some kind of truck going by.

My "stash" I got at Joann's yesterday. Most of it is Christmas fabric and it was $5 a yard; some was $6. I got a yard of the larger stacks except for one, the pale green with birds on the left here. The small stacks in the background are fat quarters that were $1 each. Maybe not Moda or Riley Blake, but for my projects, plus the fun of shopping, okay.

Fat quarters on left. Trying to get colors to maybe someday blend in with the quilt block (Log Cabin) Mama made.

Love red, redbirds, trees...

The orange/salmon flowers were with the pale green and I liked it, so I got some. Seems to blend well.

The hydrangeas... I love hydrangeas, birds, butterflies... The top one is so old-fashioned looking.

The quilts I see on FB are gorgeous and I so want to be that creative and industrious! I can do something, though. At least I can coordinate these! Oh, they are folded on comic book boards - a trick I learned on FB. Acid free heavy stock paper comic book collectors use to keep their comic books nice and straight. I'll probably stack these sideways in the chest drawers. Those who have bookcases put them in just like books. I don't want to cull that many books.

As I end this, Paul texted and told me he traded trucks - Long Lewis in Muscle Shoals is getting a 2014 black Ford pickup for him from Birmingham. It'll be beautiful, though he always said he wouldn't have a black truck. But he has plenty of time to wash it or drive it through the car wash in town... Don't know when it'll be there and ready. Have to get it, do whatever to it, paperwork... And he has his tests Friday, but I'm sure it won't be that soon. Probably one day next week. But on the 22nd I'm going to Tupelo to the Foot Clinic to have an insert mold made for my left foot.