Wednesday, February 03, 2016


In my dreams...

Frustrating as you know what dealing with mail order prescriptions.

The good old singers are dying... Thank goodness for XM Radio, The Bridge, Oldies, etc.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


February has four of every day of the week - this won't happen again for oh, 862 years or so. According to Facebook.

January is already past - the days slide into each other non-stop, which is great - we are still breathing, walking, talking. But it goes so fast!

January 17 Aunt Ginny fell. She's at Tishomingo Manor now in "swing bed" (rehab) and doing reasonably well. Weak. Doesn't eat much without prompting, except ice cream.

Jo and Maxine are working on the 2015 Club scrapbook. I will type the captions and a few other pages - my contribution to the effort. Part of my contribution. I make pictures of all the meetings, hostesses,  programs and they use many of those in the book.

We nominated Jo as Clubwoman of the Year and there is some narrative I need to type for her to submit.

My pictures are all spread out on the dining table, about half finished putting them in albums.

My list for this year included: learning how to use my serger and finishing two quilt tops I started in the classes I did at Treasure Chest. 

I've had a big floater in my eye which is better - pressure was ok, no tears... (Dr. Wooten). Now I have a chest/head cold and it moves from one part of me to the other. Yesterday I was out doing errands and it was misty rain and I had no business being outside.

I'll be so glad when spring comes. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016


A week ago today (Sunday, January 17, Aunt Ginny had a stroke, most likely, or tia. Nevertheless, she "high-centered" her car on the rocks lining her driveway and when she got out, she fell down the slope and was there for probably two hours. Sarah Hayes couldn't get her by phone after church, so she came to check on her. Aunt G was freezing cold, having only her knit church suit (skirt and jacket), no coat. I called 911 and the Harmony Fire Dept first responders came. We put coats around and over her. The ambulance came and took her to Iuka Hospital, where they determined probably a stroke, and transferred her to Tupelo. She's been there a week today and Paul, David, Tommy and Glenda have been taking turns 24/7 staying with her. Thursday, though, she was agitated to the point they had to give her Respidol to calm her. It's been an up/down week. There is a 24/7 sitter (hospital personnel) with her the last two days, after the Respidol, so no one is going today. Her doctor there said there is nothing else they can do for her, so there are orders to transfer her back to Iuka to swing bed. That's short-term, of course - Medicare policy. She has been responsive at times, though probably had another stroke Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning. She can answer questions, but they often or most of the time are not the right answers. She's thought she was in Pickwick, Atlanta and Memphis; she's talked about Mama Nick and Wendell.  After swing bed, which "they" (medical people I guess) try to not use all at once - 20 days maximum (unsure about this), I doubt she will be able to stay at home. I just can' see it, though she has recovered from things before. Carrington House would not be an option b/c it's an assisted living facility. So that leaves one of the nursing homes... I just hate the thought of her being in a nursing home. The only one I've ever been in that seemed really clean and "cheerful" was where Aunt Margaret was. Sometimes that's all the choice there is. It is just sad, this elegant, precise, organized, Southern lady would go to a nursing home. It is sad for anyone. It is just "out of character." Why can't there be places for senior citizens who are cared for by real professional degreed nurses who aren't paid minimum wage and some who care less? So I suppose there are degreed people who care less, also. It's just a whirl of what-ifs. You just do what you have to.

For my little part, I cleaned her kitchen, froze some meat she had just bought and have collected her mail. I probably need to clean her refrigerator - I know there is some pork loin in it I took her late Saturday (last) evening. I miss her so much. Her very simple, clean, uncluttered little cottage of a house set back from the road surrounded by shrubs, flowers, trees that Uncle Wendell set out, from old home places, to new bulbs from garden centers.

I keep thinking, I'll call and check on AG. Or, I'll take her some of this or that I'm cooking.

And I thought I had a problem with my heater in driver seat (really, in view of every other major thing that's going on...) anyway, I took my car to Muscle Shoals Wednesday and got it Friday. Nothing wrong with it.

Thursday we went to Memphis for my cardio appointment and my thyroid level is 9.6, down from 16 something. Still too high, so Dr. Johnson increased the levothyroxine to 75 mcg, which he said is still a low dose. I said I didn't want to stop taking the 100 mg of amiodarone because it had helped so much. So hopefully this will level out. He said the thyroid would recover if I stopped the amiodarone... 

Then yesterday I had a strange black thready floater in my left eye, twice. I've had floaters, but none like this. It was a little dark spot, then seemed to unravel, which makes me wonder if it was a blood vessel, which is scary. I'll call tomorrow and see if I need to go. I was just at Dr. Wooten's last Monday and my pressure was good and when he looked with the bright light, all was good. 

I missed early church this morning. I wasn't quite ready and I would make us late, so Paul went on. I know this is awful, or is it, it's what I think: I don't care for the praise music and the loud guitar/music. Two weeks ago I had to get up during one of the songs because the guitar percussion was so loud and intense. The congregation (who can) remains standing for at least 20 minutes, which, come on, really, is nothing... but I don't because of my feet, legs and back. Several others remain seated, too, so it's not a huge thing if you can't stand, but why? And I don't mean this negatively or critically, but I don't particularly like being "yelled" at during preaching, which can also be very loud.  Brother Johnny preaches "evangelistically," which is wonderful, dear Lord, you know my heart! I just like quiet , softness, calmness, and being taught, you know. Noise. An excuse in this case? No, I love church and my church family. I'm going through something right now. If Paul would go to second service - the traditional hymns and music. Well, there are my thoughts... I'm sure I'll be convicted and may come back to delete all this. 

Yesterday we went to see Morgan, Tyler and little Addilyn. She's such a pretty baby. I learned all about the "new" cloth diapers, which can cost $20 each, but are adjustable sizes infant through potty-training. I had no idea when Morgan said she was using cloth. I thought, cotton and diaper pins. These have elastic legs, snaps and cotton padded inserts and all can be washed repeatedly. I think of all the diapers we bought and threw away. Mothers have such conveniences now. It's wonderful.


And there's this little sweetie - Shiloh Woodruff, who is already a month old.

We also had a snow this week, nothing compared to DC and all the east coast - Sher's car is buried in snow about 30-40" deep. She tried to remove some of the snow yesterday and made herself sick. I worry. I mean, imagine a 62 year old who is in good shape out trying to shovel this out - her's is on the left. She admitted she can't do it.

Friday, January 15, 2016


I uploaded some more Christmas pictures and 20th Century Club pictures and ordered them today. $24.90. 206 photos. No standing in line with feet killing me at Walmart. I think I won't wait and do so many files at once next time though. Gets very confusing

Received my 2015 Clay and Wattles book today! This makes six! I have 4 others printed in 3-ring notebooks. Maybe that's a project for this year - have them all printed and bound. I started it in 2006 just after Teri died. 

Busy day yesterday with book club at 11 and club meeting at 2. In between I went to Charlotte's and looked at some layouts she has for her mother's 90th birthday party on February 27. Villa Mae Ledgewood was there - really sweet and I always enjoy being with her. Helped Charlotte a little bit on computer (picture files). Reached my limit of knowledge, though. Problem seems to be in cyberspace, which I know nothing about.

The book we discussed for January (Father and Son) - everyone agreed it was very realistic, gritty, but of course, Betty McKee, our discussion leader, always has us think of the characters' lives and what makes them act the way they do, and if there is any redemption in them. We agreed Glen was a tortured soul, filled with guilt, anger and abuse from childhood. And we agreed there are people like that. Glen's only solace in the whole book was when he spent time with Brother Roy, his former pastor.  

Need to deliver Whitney's gift from Amy; Mike and Marsha and their grands to them. Paul took David and Sandra's to them; Tommy came by on his motorcycle for his and Carol's yesterday.

Sharpy pain in my right rib/back/side, feels like something pulled or strained. Surely not from being on computer! Still haven't taken the tramadol. I really ached all over last night, but the e-blanket helped. Not just an ache, but it seemed my very skin hurt.

Sweet sight today: Lucy and Thelma in the same chair on the carport; Thelma giving Lucy kitty kisses, grooming. Never thought I'd see the day! I miss Barney, but it has made so much difference - three cats can't play well together, just like three kids (or girls anyway).

Gonna go find some lunch. I'm still thinking it's Saturday... And it's cloudy and has rained and I'm still in my PJs, and Oscar needs to be walked!  And I need a nap. There is a list of things to do waiting for me, but all I want to do is read The Novel Habits of Happiness by Alexander McCall-Smith. 

Just remembered: Last night I dreamed about a closet and it was my War Room.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Santa finally came to our county road on Sunday! Bless Amy - she was still half sick, but we did have a good dinner (crock pot roast, veggies) and opened gifts, which is always fun. Some are just for fun (like the Shopnik shopping cart game she got me), the Ugglee MS State doll for Paul (key chain) and some very useful, like the Homedics neck massager and his MS State long sleeved shirts - sanctioned! 

And I didn't get a group/family picture!! Had the tripod all set up ready to go...

Dexter is fine, but has a hernia. Probably be repaired next Tuesday. He had one side of this plastic ball chewed in no time and I told Amy he didn't need it - if he swallowed one piece of it he'd be back in the same shape he was with the bone. She did take it away from him and I put the "mouse" in a quickly sewn little cushion; also a little bird - his two favorite toys, which he had unsqueaked in under an hour. Amy got Oscar a new collar.

Amy got him three (4?) MS State shirts. The State belt I got him was too small; already exchanged with Amazon. Love Amazon.

Cap with LED light for walking Dexter if necessary at night.

Quitl books!

Hand and toe warmers.

Muppet Movie (original one). "Rainbow Connection." We had the LP, used to play it all the time. Used to know a lot of the words, and can still remember music.

New camera... Surprised!

I always try to get Matt a Superman themed gift. He liked the lounging pants.

The orange whirl is construction grade extention cord and reel.

Tuesday, Brenda and Charlotte came over and we watched War Room. Beforehand, we talked for about an hour about everything, everything... Watched the movie, paused it a few times, discussed it, cried, understood one another.  Prayer - fighting in prayer - letting the Lord fight your battles for you. Asking Him to teach us to pray. Bren said today her church is going to show it Sunday night. Amy got us sweet gifts: cookie cutter angels, each personalized with our favorite hobbies: Bren and Charlotte's: flowers/gardening; mine: tiny scissors. Mine's dress had sewing print; theirs was floral. That girl...  Love her so, gifts or not, but she's one thoughtful daughter!

I had my annual mammogram today. It hurt, as usual. No wait - one year it didn't. Anyway, glad that's over. Same calcium spots as last year.

I took the pretty bracelet Amy gave me to Moore's Jewelers to have the chain lengthened. Paula said she'd call when Bill or Phillip look at it to see how to add links. It's like the one Amy gave me last year - the clear disk with rhinestones around it, teeny tiny picture of me, her and Paul inside this one. Last year was all things pertaining to Mama.

We ate at Lil Smokies tonight. Glad I didn't have to cook. So hard to do for us - two people - always too much food or takes too long for just two people to eat and it's gone in 10 minutes. 

My line-up: Book club and 20C Club tomorrow.  Monday - Dr. Wooten, pressure check; be a good day to get blood work done for TSH. (Laura said 18th or 19th) Tuesday - Sy be here around 12:30. Maybe make soup, cornbread. Thursday - Memphis, Dr. Johnson. Nothing down for next Friday. Maybe wait till next week for Thelma... nothing down all week. How did I used to have time to work? Thought I was gonna take January off...

Waiting for a spool of thread I ordered. King Tut, Gypsy Rose; variegated. For Addilyn's quilt. Of course I could have used white. But what's the fun of that? King Tut's variegated is so pretty and the different colors are about an inch long. Other variegated I have, the color changes about every 3-4 inches. Not as pretty.